Ziad Aboultaif

Edmonton Manning


Originally from Lebanon, Ziad Aboultaif emigrated to Canada in 1990 settling in Edmonton with his wife Elizabeth. They have two sons together. Before becoming the federal Conservative candidate for Edmonton Manning, Aboultaif was active in the provincial party for over a decade and served as the Edmonton Manning Conservative Association President twice. He is also the one time President of the Edmonton East Riding Association.

In October 2015, Aboultaif won the new Edmonton Manning riding with 45.2 per cent of the vote. He is now the Conservative Party’s National Revenue Critic. He is also one of the record number of Muslims election to parliament in 2015.

As a new immigrant, Aboultaif worked as an accountant but for the last 12 years Aboultaif has been running Axxess Furniture, a distribution company accredited by the Better Business Bureau. He says that being active in business in the Edmonton community led to his interest in politics.

Aboultaif says that he opted to run for office in an effort to repay a debt he feels he owes this country for the life he has lived here. He sees himself as an advocate for Alberta’s oil and gas sector and is a strong proponent of the Conservative Party’s criminal justice reforms.

Aboultaif has a strong interest in tissue and organ donation. He is himself a partial­-liver donor and plans to use his role as MP to work to raise awareness of live­-organ donation and tissue donation.

Aboultaif’s work in the Edmonton community, including on the boards of several local organizations, has earned him both an Alberta Centennial Medal and a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

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