Yves Robillard



Yves Robillard is the Liberal Member of Parliament for Marc-­Aurele-­Fortin. He was elected to the House of Commons in 2015.

Robillard has lived in the riding for over 50 years. Having witnessed and taken part in the riding’s development during this time, he is driven to be the voice in Parliament of all of its residents.

Mr. Robillard has had a long career as a high school teacher, both in the Laval area and in northern Quebec., He has also worked as a recreational coordinator with the Mille­-Îles School Board, and as a Complaints and Public Relations Officer for the City of Laval.

Over the years, Robillard has coordinated a number of municipal and provincial election campaigns and has served as Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the Quebec National Assembly and as Secretary to the Leader of the Official Opposition. More recently, he played a large part in establishing Marc­-Aurèle-­Fortin’s new Federal Liberal Association, in addition to serving as its president.

Always active in his community, Mr. Robillard is a founding member of the Optimist Club, a Coordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society, and is actively involved with the Fabrose Soccer Club.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations, an Education degree, a Class B Teaching diploma, and a diploma in Recreation Techniques.

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