Xavier Barsalou­-Duval

Pierre­-Boucher-­Les Patriotes-­Verchères

Bloc Quebecois

The new MP for Pierre-­Boucher-­Les Patriotes-­Verchères, Xavier Barsalou-­Duval, is the former president of the Bloc Québécois youth wing. He was also the president of the Bloc’s riding association in Longueuil–Pierre Boucher. He is very involved with both the Bloc and the Parti Québécois.

Barsalou­-Duval has also served on the Board of Directors with Mouvement Montréal français, on the finance committee for the Société Saint-­Jean-­Baptiste de Montréal and as treasurer for the Fondation du Prêt d’Honneur.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s in public administration. He has taught accounting at the college level.


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