Tom Kmiec

Calgary Shepard


Tom Kmiec is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Calgary Shepard. He was elected to the House of Commons in 2015.

Kmiec was born in Poland; his family fled communism in the early 1980s. This experience has given him a deep appreciation for the free and democratic Canada he now calls home.

Kmiec is a former political aide to federal and provincial ministers, including the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Minister of National Defence, and the Alberta Minister of Finance. He is a past research manager with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and has worked as a director with the Human Resources Institute of Alberta.

Kmiec also sits on the Board of the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s southern Alberta chapter and takes part in the annual 100 km Kidney March to raise funds for kidney research. He has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Brown Bagging for Kids, and is the current vice-chair of the human resources policy committee of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

He has a BA in political science from Concordia University in Montreal and an MA from Regent University in Virginia, USA.

Kmiec and his wife Evangeline live and work in Calgary. They are parents of two children.