Robert Aubin



Robert Aubin was first elected to the House of Commons in 2011. He has been named the NDP critic for international development and La Francophonie. It is the same position her served in the official opposition caucus. He has also previously served as the critic for transport and infrastructure and employment insurance.

Aubin was elected Chair of the NDP’s Quebec Caucus by his colleagues three times. He worked with his caucus colleagues to ensure that people whose homes were affected by pyrrhotite damage were compensated by the federal government.

In 2012 Aubin introduced a Private Member’s Bill, C­-315, that would harmonize language requirements for federal works, undertakings and businesses operating in Quebec with the requirements already in force in the province. The bill did not pass second reading.

Before entering politics, Aubin worked as a teacher for more than two decades. He is also a musician and well known in his riding’s cultural community.