Robert­-Falcon Ouellette

Winnipeg Centre


Robert­-Falcon Ouellette’s career in politics began with multiple unsuccessful runs for municipal council and for mayor. In 2015 he ran under the Liberal banner in the riding of Winnipeg Centre, where he took in more 50 per cent of the votes.

With ties to Red Pheasant First Nations, Calgary, and Winnipeg, Ouellette has lived and travelled throughout Western Canada. He has university degrees in Music, Education, and Anthropology. With his PhD in Anthropology, Ouellette was asked to become the Director of the Aboriginal Focus Programs at the University of Manitoba. His research focus has been education and Cree-­Métis identity issues, and he has been published on the topic.

Ouellette’s service in the Navy spans over two decades, leaving as a Petty Officer 2nd Class, he is still in the Reserve.

He is a community activist working to reduce inner-­city crime, aboriginal issues plaguing youth, and poverty. He has earned a reputation of bridging bi­racial divides and economic segregation. He is an advocate for finance reform, greater infrastructure spending, and more inclusivity.

His wife Catherine was a military cadet, and together they are raising five children. He is dedicated to raising a bilingual family.