Richard Cannings

South Okanagan-­West Kootenay


Richard Cannings is the new NDP MP representing South Okanagan-­West Kootenay. He has been named the party’s critic for post­secondary education and deputy critic for natural resources.

Cannings is a biologist and nature historian. He worked at UBC’s Department of Zoology for over fifteen years. A graduate from the University of British Columbia and Memorial University, Cannings may be the most published author in the House of Commons. He has written over a dozen award­-winning books on Canadian wildlife. In 1996 he was named BC’s Biologist of the Year by the Association of Professional Biologists.

He was named an honorary fellow at Okanagan College in 2008.

Cannings has been an advocate and activist for wildlife conservation and environmental protection for many years. He served on the BC Environmental Appeal Board and for over a decade and as co­chair on Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.

He is also passionate about income inequality.

Cannings has been very active in the community of South Okanagan­-West Kootenay. He has been a member of several boards including the Forest Appeal Board. He is also active with Nature Conservancy Canada, serving as a director until his election to the House of Commons.

Cannings is married to Margaret, an anthropologist, and they have two grown children.