Raj Saini

Kitchener Centre


The new MP for Kitchener Centre, Raj Saini, has been involved with the Liberal Party of Canada for more than twenty years. Before being elected to the House of Commons, Saini was the Riding Association President.

He has worked on several campaigns, deciding for the first time to run as a candidate in 2015.

Saini graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry, and earned a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from Northeastern University. He went on to open his own pharmacy, Greenbrook Pharmacy, which has been operating in the community for more than two decades. He has won multiple awards for his work, including the ‘Best Pharmacist in Kitchener’ award in 2014.

Saini is an advocate for better health care, bringing to the discussion a wealth of knowledge as a student and a practitioner of the issue. He has seen first­hand the effects of reductions in coverage and benefits. He says that since he opened his practice, members in his community with benefits have gone from being the majority to approximately one-­third. He hopes to improve the lives of Canadians by raising the standards of after­-visit and medicine care.

Saini has also a member of local organizations such as Rotary and the Canadian International Council, which helped him establish deeper roots within the community.

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