Monique Pauzé


Bloc Québécois

The new Member of Parliament for Repentigny, Monique Pauzé, has been named the party’s Chief Whip. Before running as a candidate, Pauzé was the vice-­president of the Bloc Québécois.

Before being elected she worked as a teacher for 20 years. She spent time as a teacher educating her students on the environment and sustainability. She is passionate about promoting and defending public schools.

Pauzé has been active in her union, Syndicat de Champlain, acting as president for a ten years. She also served as a commissioner on the Commission spéciale sur le renouveau syndical à la CSQ. During her time with the union she worked particularly on public education and pay equity. She also helped organize conferences on social and environmental issues.

She is also active on environmental issues, working as vice­president for the Coalition Eau Secours. She also participated in the États généraux sur la souveraineté, specifically on the economy and sovereignty file.