Mauril Belanger

Ottawa­-Vanier Liberal

Mauril Belanger was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Ottawa–Vanier in a 1995 by­-election.

After the 2015 election Belanger talked about running for the position of speaker, but then announced he would not run as he had been diagnosed with ALS. Despite the diagnosis and the lack of treatment or cure for the disease, Belanger has opted to stay on as an MP.

In his time in the House of Commons, Belanger served as Deputy House Leader and Chief Government Whip. In 2012 he was appointed by interim leader Bob Rae as the party’s advocate for co­operatives.

In addition to his work as an MP, Belanger has served as director of the board of the Parliamentary Centre, a non­-governmental organization dedicated to strengthening democracy. He also founded the Canada­-Africa Parliamentary Association.

Belanger is a strong proponent of bilingualism in Canada. He was awarded the title of Commandeur de l’Ordre de la Pléïade in 2005 by La Francophonie.

Before running for office, Belanger worked as an assistant to Jean Luc Pépin, Liberal cabinet minister. He also worked as a stockbroker and as Chief of Staff to the Chair of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa­-Carleton.

Belanger has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa.