Matt Jeneroux

Edmonton Riverbend


Before being elected the MP for Edmonton Riverbend, Matt Jeneroux was the MLA for Edmonton-­South West for one term. He has been named the Official Opposition Critic for Western Economic Diversification.

While an MLA Jeneroux was responsible for the province’s Compassionate Care Leave legislation that provided for an employee to take a leave of absence while caring for a terminally ill loved one. He believes this should be a priority federally as well.

Jeneroux is focused on supporting the Edmonton Police Services and Edmonton Fire Services. He also worked as an MLA to ensure that growing communities got the school infrastructure that they needed. The legislature passed a motion put forward by Jeneroux that would provide support to build playgrounds when new schools are build in the province.

While serving in the provincial legislature, Jeneroux chaired the Capital Region Government Caucus, the Youth Secretariat and served as a member of the Alberta Treasury Board. He also acted as chair of the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices which faced some backlash after funding for the Office of the Auditor General was cut.

Jeneroux was born and raised in Edmonton. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta. He lives in the city with his two daughters.