Louis Plamondon


Bloc Québécois

First elected as a Progressive Conservative MP in 1984, Louis Plamondon is the Dean of the House of Commons. Since 1990 he has been a member of the Bloc Québecois and has served as the party’s Caucus Chair. After the 2011 defeat of leader Gilles Duceppe, Plamondon acted as the party’s House Leader.

Plamondon is a sovereignist. He left the PC Party after the failure of the Meech Lake Accord.

When the Bloc was recognized as a party in the House, Plamondon was named house leader. Plamondon was the only Bloc MP to speak out against the gun registry and did not attend the vote on the legislation. He also spoke out against the Clarity Act and argued that the act would create too much confusion in any future referendum.

In 2003 Plamondon published a book, Le mythe Paul Martin, which criticized the Prime Minister for damage done to Quebec’s interest while he was Minister of Finance.

As a member of the Progressive Conservatives under Prime Minister Prime Mulroney he was an occasionally vocal critic of decisions made by cabinet ministers. He was also one of the more socially liberal members of the party, voting against capital punishment and efforts to restrict abortion services.

Plamondon has two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one from Laval University and one from the Université de Montréal. He also has a teaching certificate from L’École normale Maurice L. Duplessis. Before entering politics he worked as a math teacher. He also owned a restaurant.

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