Linda Duncan

Edmonton Strathcona


Linda Duncan was first elected as the MP for Edmonton–Strathcona in 2008. She was only the second NDP MP ever elected in the province. She has been named the party’s critic for the environment and climate change .

Before the election, Duncan was the Official Opposition Critic for Western Economic Diversification. She has previously served as the critic for environment, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and for Public Works and Government Services.

During her time in Parliament Duncan has presented several Private Member’s Bill, including C-­327, An Act to establish a national literacy policy, C-­634, An Act to establish a Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights. Neither bill became law.

Duncan worked as an international environmental law consultant before running to represent Edmonton–Strathcona. She also worked as Chief of Enforcement for Environment Canada and was the Assistant Deputy Minister for Renewable Resources for the Yukon government.

Duncan spent time working at Edmonton’s Environmental Law Centre. While there she worked on projects with the Edmonton Social Planning Council, the Clean Air Strategic Alliance and the Canadian Council on Human Resources for the Environment Industry.

Duncan also worked for NAFTA’s Commission for Environmental Cooperation and with the Board of Directors for the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, now Ecojustice. In that role she helped make a submission to the United Nations Environment Programme on Canada’s non-enforcement of the Heavy Metals Protocol.

Duncan has worked internationally as an environmental lawyer. She has helped Indonesia, Bangladesh and Jamaica institute programs for enforcement of environmental laws.

She is a graduate of the law school at the University of Alberta.