Kerry Diotte

Edmonton Griesbach


The new MP for Edmonton Griesbach, Kerry Diotte, has been named the Official Opposition’s deputy critic for urban affairs.

Before being elected to the House of Commons, Diotte served five years on an Edmonton city council. He was elected as a councillor on a platform of lower taxes, improved core services and reduced waste.

As a member of city council, Diotte became known for connecting with his constituents through tools such as town hall meetings, monthly e­-newsletters and social media.

Diote has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Carleton University and a diploma from Algonquin College. After graduating he moved to Alberta and spent the next 30 years working in journalism for the Calgary Sun, the Alberta Report, the Edmonton Sun and Maclean’s Magazine. He also served as national director of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Diotte grew up in Sault Ste. Marie in a family of seven.