Ken McDonald



Before being elected as the new MP for Avalon, Ken McDonald served the community as a city councillor for two terms and Mayor since 2013. He has lived in Avalon all his life.

McDonald led investment in infrastructure for Conception Bay South and helped make it one of the fastest growing municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador. While Mayor he closed a deal to build a new town hall, which cost Conception Bay South $13.2 million. He had previously opposed a plan to build a $20 million town hall because he felt issues such as access to water and sewage services were more important.

In April 2015 McDonald pushed back on the use of roads in Conception Bay South by large trucks carrying equipment for the construction of the Lower Churchill Project at Muskrat Falls. Nalcor Energy agreed to repair any damaged caused by the trucks.

Before running for council, McDonald owned and operated his own business doing appliance repair. He has a diploma in accounting from the College of the North Atlantic.

McDonald is active in the local Lions Club and in his local parish.