Joyce Murray

Vancouver Quadra


Long­time Liberal Joyce Murray has been named the Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board. She was first elected to the House of Commons in 2008.

She has previously served as the party’s critic for National Defence and for Small Business and Tourism, the Asia Pacific Gateway, Democratic Reform and Western Economic Diversification.

Murray ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party in 2013. She was the only leadership candidate that spoke for cooperation between the Liberals, the Green Party and the NDP. She has also served on the Standing Committees for Trade, Health, Fisheries and Oceans, Environment and Sustainable Development. She has presented Private Member’s Bills to ban oil tanker traffic along the BC coast and to increase transparency and accountability in Canada’s security agencies.

Before entering the House of Commons, Murray served in BC’s provincial legislature for four years under Premier Gordon Campbell. During that time she was BC’s Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection and as Minister of Management Services. Between 2003 and 2004 she served as president of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment.

Before entering politics, Murray worked for 25 years building Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd., the reforestration company she co­-founded with her husband. The company has planted more than one billion trees.

Murray graduated from Simon Fraser University after studying archaeology and linguistics. She also completed pre­med. In 1989 she returned to university as a mature student to get her Executive MBA. She received the Dean’s Covocation Medal. For her thesis she wrote a policy analysis of Canada’s options for meeting the challenge of climate change.

She is a mother of three grown children and lives with her husband in Vancouver. Murray was born in Schweizer­-Reneke, South Africa. Her parents emigrated to Canada in 1961.

Murray’s mother, Charlotte, is an award­-winning architect and was the first female professor at the University of British Columbia architecture school.