John Nater



Nater was raised on a family farm in Logan Township near Perth. Before running in federal politics, Nater served as a councillor on the West Perth Council. He also worked in the offices of both the local MPP and the former MP for Perth–Wellington, Gary Schellenberger.

In 2010 he was elected the representative for Mitchell Ward on the Council of the Municipality of West Perth. Nater chose to leave municipal politics to run federally when Schellenberger announced he would not be running again.

He has a Bachelor’s in public policy administration from Carleton University and a Master’s in public policy at Queen’s University. He is now working on a Master’s in political science at the University of Western Ontario. He was a lecturer at King’s University College for three years.

While working on his Master’s, Nater worked as a grievance councillor at Correctional Services Canada. After completing his degree he worked for one year as a policy analyst at Treasury Board.

He is married and has one daughter.