Hon. Robert Nault



First elected to the House of Commons in 1988 and served as MP for Kenora–Rainy River until 2004, Robert (Bob) Nault came out of retirement and was re­elected in 2015 as the MP for Kenora.

Under Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Nault served for four years as the Minister for Indian Affairs. He was often compared to Chretien.

In 2002, Nault tabled the First Nations Governance Act as a measure to reform the Indian Act. The legislation was opposed by many Indigenous groups and was abandoned by Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Nault is a dedicated union supporter and an advocate for First Nations. He has served as the President of Local 431 and Vice­General Chairman for CP Lines West. His career away from Parliament involved consulting and government relations work for unions across the country in various fields and industries. Nault began his political career with the Kenora City Council.

Nault’s support for First Nation communities resulted in reforms and financial accountability measures. He increased federal economic development investments in the community by $100 million during his tenure as Minister. His riding covered 51 reservations.

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