Dave MacKenzie



First elected in 2004, Dave MacKenzie is the former Chief of Police of Woodstock. He served as Chief for 10 years after serving with the Woodstock City Police for three decades. After his retirement from the force he became the General Manager of Roetin Industries Canada, an automotive dealer.

After the 2015 election MacKenzie was named Deputy Opposition Whip.

In 2002 MacKenzie was a trainer for Washington’s National Democratic Institute, working in Bosnia and Herzegovina. MacKenzie first ran as a Progressive Conservative in 1997. After his election in 2004 he was named the associate critic for National Defence. When the Conservatives were elected government in 2006 MacKenzie was named Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Public Safety.

In 2014 MacKenzie introduced a Private Member’s Bill, C­-483, An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (escorted temporary absence), that would make Parole Boards responsible for all temporary absences.

MacKenzie has been a voice of support for the Trans­Pacific Partnership trade deal. He says that it means jobs for his region.

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