Cathy McLeod



First elected in 2008, Cathy McLeod is the Official Opposition Critic for Indigenous Affairs. She was a member of the Special Committee on Violence Against Indigenous Women. McLeod has previously served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour and to the Minister of National Revenue. She was also the Parliamentary Secretary for Western Economic Diversification. She has also been a member of a number standing committees, including Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities, the Status of Women, Finance and Health. McLeod was also a member of the Red Tape Reduction Commission and was on the Prime Minister’s Team on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.

McLeod has been recognized as one of five MPs with perfect vote attendance. Before she was elected to the House of Commons she served as Mayor of Pemberton, was a director for the Squamish­-Lillooet Regional District and spent three years at the In­shuck­ch treaty table as a Municipal Provincial team delegate.

Before entering politics, McLeod was a registered nurses and manager at several health care centres. She graduated with her nursing degree from the University of Western Ontario and with a Master’s in Internal Primary Health Care from the University of London.

She is married and has three adult children.