Brian Gallant

Brian Gallant is the Premier of New Brunswick, and Canada’s youngest premier at age 33.

Gallant holds a Master’s in Law from Montreal’s McGill University, and entered politics at a very young age. He first ran for a seat in the provincial legislature at the age of 24.

Prior to joining politics, Gallant ran two small businesses to help him fund his undergraduate education.

Before becoming leader of the Liberal Party, Gallant authored a paper recommending reforms to the party following their defeat in the 2010 election. In the 2012 leadership vote, Gallant won.

He also practiced commercial and corporate law with Stewart McKelvey, and then joined Veritas Law as a partner.

Gallant led the Liberals over the incumbent Conservatives in the 2014 election, earning a majority government after earning 16 seats over the previous election.

Gallant comes from a lower-class background, and his childhood–moving around from town to town while his parents sought precarious, part time work–has been well-documented in his campaigning.