Brad Trost



Brad Trost was first elected in 2004, in the closest four-way race of that election. Trost ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2017, and placed fourth. He took strongly socially conservative positions, including releasing a video in which his campaign manager explained that Trost was uncomfortable with gay people.

His main points of focus as an MP have been issues important to Saskatchewan, specifically agriculture and energy issues. Trost grew up on a family farm and agriculture has been a focus in his public life. He also founded the Conservative Party’s Energy Caucus. He has also taken an interest in mining issues. In 2013 he introduced Bill C­385, An Act respecting ownership of uranium mines in Canada, to help increase foreign investment in Canadian uranium mines.

He has been a member of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources, the Standing Committee on International Trade and the Standing Committee on Industry. As a member of the trade committee Trost voiced strong support for the Canada-­Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Trost has gotten publicity in the past for his socially conservative views. In the summer 2009 he criticized the federal government for helping to fund Toronto Pride Week. Later that year he started a petition to end federal funding of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. In 2012 Trost made the news for speaking out against the strict discipline in the Conservative Party.

Before being elected to the House of Commons Trost was a geophysicist. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with Bachelor’s degrees in geophysics and economics.

Trost is married and lives with his wife in Saskatoon.