Bob McLeod

Bob McLeod is Premier of the Northwest Territories, and the territory’s first two-term Premier, serving in the role since 2011.

McLeod was a longtime public servant before entering politics, working with both the federal government and the territorial government.

He first ran for election in 2007, winning over 60% of the popular vote in Yellowknife South. Following the election, McLeod was put in charge of the portfolios on Human Resources, Industry, Tourism and Investment, Public Utilities Board and Energy Initiatives.

McLeod was re-elected in 2011 and appointed the Premier by the other MLAs following the election. In 2015, he was chosen as Premier again, the first time in history that the NWT had a two-term Premier.

Following the federal election, McLeod outlined his priorities for the federal government, focusing on improving health services, reducing the cost of living, ensuring affordable housing and investing in measures to combat climate change.

Note: The Northwest Territories run on a consensus-based government, as opposed to being made up of political parties. Once MLAs are elected, they may put forward their intention to run for Premier. All remaining elected MLAs vote on who should lead the legislature as Premier.