Bill Casey



Bill Casey was first elected in 1988 as a Progressive Conservative MP. After the merger of the Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance Casey was expelled from the party caucus for voting against the budget. After his nomination papers were refused by the Conservative Party for the 2008 election Casey was elected an independent. He resigned his seat in 2009.

Between 1988 and 2009 Casey served on the Standing Committee on Industry Science and Technology, as well as the Transportation and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Committees. He was also the Deputy Whip for the Conservative Party between 2004 and the 2006 election. Casey has said that his run for the Liberal Party in 2015 had a lot to do with his personal feelings towards Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Between his resignation and 2012 Casey worked for the Nova Scotia government, representing the provinces interests in Ottawa. He also worked within the diplomatic community, promoting Nova Scotia businesses. Casey has a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma in Engineering from St. Francis Xavier University. Over the course of his career outside of politics he has operated his own automotive, housing, investment and hospitality businesses.

Casey is married with three grown children and two grandchildren. He is a prostate and skin cancer survivor.

Still active in the Amherst community, Casey served as the Honorary Chair of the Cumberland YMCA Capital Campaign. He was an ambassador for the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute and an advisor to the Ocean Tracking Network at Dalhousie University.

Casey also served on the boards of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians and Beyond the Hill Magazine.