Alupa Clarke



Alupa Clarke is originally from Beauport, and is currently the Official Opposition Critic for Public Services and Procurement. Active for years as a volunteer in the Conservative Party, Clarke was a relative unknown when he defeated Jean Pelletier in Beauport–Limoilou in October. He had been the President of the Beauport­-Limoilou Conservative Riding Association and spent the campaign knocking on thousands of doors and meeting voters. He has said that he will continue connecting with voters in this way in 2016, saying that his presence will be felt in the riding.

Clarke has a Master’s in Political Science from Laval University and served as a member of the Canadian Forces for five years, serving as a bombardier in the 6th Field Artillery Regiment of Lévis, Quebec. This gave him experience to reflect on when he served as the Opposition Critic for Veterans Affairs.

During the campaign, Clarke focused on the extension of Promenade Samuel de Champlain to give citizens access to the river and revitalizing the industry along Avenue D’Estimauville.