Tell Trudeau we need a universal pharmacare plan!

April 18, 2018

Unnecessarily high prescription drug prices drain the public health care system of needed resources and cost individuals dearly. It’s time for change.

After two years of study and 99 witnesses, Canada’s all-party parliamentary health committee has issued a landmark report recommending a national, public pharmacare plan for all.

This adds to years of research, consultations, and studies that prove what Canada’s nurses have been saying for more than two decades: pharmacare is a common sense and long overdue measure that will save money and save lives.

In order to save between $4 billion and  $11.4 billion annually while ensuring no one falls through the cracks, our national pharmacare plan must be:

  • Public
  • Universal
  • Single-payer
  • Based on a national, evidence-based formulary

Click TAKE ACTION now to call on the Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Minister of Finance to build universal pharmacare!

Canada is the only industrialized country with universal medicare that does not provide universal coverage for prescription medicines. It’s time to complete our medicare!

To learn more about pharmacare, visit www.aplanforeveryone.ca

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