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October 19, 2017

We need a safe-at- home policy and more nurses providing home care to address the risks patients and nurses face every day.

Home care in Canada is overloaded and lacks important measures to ensure that safe, high-quality care is provided. Clients and caregivers are struggling to deal with long wait times and a patchwork of services, and are at risk of both physical and psychological injury. Health care providers lack the protections and standards present in more traditional work environments.

Click TAKE ACTION now to call on your premier to commit to a safe model for home care!

Show your support for a safe model for home care, specifically for nurse-led home care interventions, that includes:

  • A safe-at-home policy;
  • Seniors/patients’ appropriate and timely nursing assessments and interventions supported by the full health care team;
  • Managerial continuity of care provided by a primary nurse to ensure timely and seamless access to care providers; and
  • Education and support for all members of the team, including unpaid caregivers, and standard competencies for personal support workers/care aides.

To view the results of a recent survey of nurses’ perspectives on home care, click here.

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