Take Action for National Pharmacare: A Plan for Everyone

October 10, 2017

When patients can’t afford their medicines, nurses are often the first to see the negative impacts on health.

This past October, the Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions and the Canadian Labour Congress gathered with provincial and territorial health ministers to learn how a national pharmacare program can benefit us all.

Click “TAKE ACTION” now to tell federal Members of Parliament, the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister to work with provincial representatives to implement a national pharmacare plan for everyone.

Pharmacare is a common sense solution to high prescription drug costs and financial barriers in accessing medicines:

  • Canada wasted $62 billion health care dollars in 10 years without pharmacare.
  • Nearly one in four Canadian households report members not having the money to take prescription medicines as they are prescribed.
  • Canada is the only industrialized country with universal Medicare, that does not have universal coverage for prescription medicines.

By implementing a pharmacare plan for everyone, Canada will bring down inflated prescription drug prices, while ensuring prescription drugs are accessible to all Canadians, regardless of income.

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