Stop violence against health care workers!

July 9, 2019

Not a single day passes without a health care worker in Canada being physically or verbally assaulted on the job.

According to a national survey, 61% of nurses reported a serious problem with violence over a recent 12-month period. This mounting crisis puts workers and patients at risk.

Enough is enough.

A recent federal report – the first of its kind – provides a clear plan of action that nurses support. Click TAKE ACTION now to call on MPs to support these measures, including:

  • Creating a pan-Canadian violence-prevention framework;
  • Holding perpetrators of assault accountable;
  • Targeted funding for violence-prevention infrastructure;
  • Updating Canada’s health human resources strategy to address major staffing shortages across the country.

We all need safe health care. We need our governments to work together to stop the violence that has been left unchecked for far too long.

Click TAKE ACTION now to declare that violence is not part of the job!

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