No More Violence in Health Care Workplaces

January 17, 2018

All health care workers have the right to a safe and respectful workplace free from violence.

As violence rates continue to escalate, frontline health care workers are going to work every day knowing they may be kicked, punched, spat on, sworn at or worse.

A recent report reveals that the number of violence-related lost-time claims for frontline health care workers has increased by almost 66% over the past decade, three times the rate of increase for police and correctional service officers combined.

The cost of workplace violence in Ontario hospitals alone is $23.8 million annually. These funds could be better spent investing in safe health care for patients and workers alike.

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  • Improvements and enforcement of health and safety legislation for frontline health care workers
  • Safe staffing levels in all health care workplaces
  • A commitment to violence-prevention measures, including training to address workplace violence

Canada’s nurses are leading the charge, bringing together unions representing health care workers from across the country to develop a plan of action that governments, employers, unions and frontline workers can implement together.

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