Keep profits out of Canada’s life-saving blood system!

November 21, 2017

Canada’s blood system should serve people, not profits.

Canada’s publicly-accountable, life-saving blood system is facing needless and risky competition, putting the security of our life-saving blood supply in jeopardy.

Click “TAKE ACTION” now to tell the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and Your MP to keep Canada’s blood system secure by keeping profits out.

Twenty years ago, in November 1997, the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada presented its findings to Parliament. This Inquiry was launched in response to the tainted blood scandal, which caused 30,000 Canadians to contract hepatitis C and HIV from transfusions. Tainted blood entered our system from US prisons and other dubious sources due to negligence, lax standards and profiteering. Thousands of Canadians died as a result, and billions of dollars were paid in compensation.

To ensure this tragedy never happens again, the Inquiry recommended five principles to keep Canada’s blood system secure:

  1. Blood must be considered a public resource
  2. Donors of blood and plasma should not be paid
  3. Canada should aspire to self-sufficiency in blood, plasma and platelet supply
  4. Free access to blood products must be available to everyone in Canada
  5. Safety of the blood system is paramount

Despite this, Health Canada has recently been granting licenses to a foreign-owned, for-profit company to collect blood plasma from unsuspecting Canadians. Clinics have already opened in Saskatoon and Moncton, with another slated shortly for Saint John, NB. In violation of the inquiry recommendations, this company pays donors, sells Canadian blood plasma abroad and prioritizes profit-making.

To honour the 20th anniversary of the inquiry into tainted blood, Canada’s nurses joined allies on Parliament Hill to demand that Ottawa keep our blood supply secure by keeping profits out of our blood system.

Add your voice to our efforts by telling your MP, Canada’s health minister and Prime Minister Trudeau that profits have no place in our life-saving blood system.

Click “TAKE ACTION” now to tell Your MP why blood saves lives and is not a commodity to be bought and sold.

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