Join nursing students in calling for enhanced helmet safety measures for all

January 15, 2018

The evidence on helmet safety is clear: wearing a bicycle helmet helps prevent serious head injuries and can save lives.

Yet thousands of Canadians are hospitalized each year due to cycling without a helmet. More than three quarters of cyclists who suffer severe trauma-related injuries were not wearing a helmet at the time of their accident.

Currently, mandatory bicycle helmet use for all ages is only legislated in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and PEI. Other provinces, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, have legislation for minors only. The remaining provinces and territories have no legislation regarding bicycle helmets at all.

Canada’s nurses are proud to stand with the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association to call on our provincial decision-makers to help prevent serious head injuries for all Canadians by:

  • Supporting robust helmet safety legislation that applies to people of all ages
  • Undertaking active enforcement of helmet safety laws
  • Promoting public education and awareness of how helmets can prevent brain injuries

Join Canada’s nurses and nursing students and urge your provincial decision-makers to take action to prevent brain injuries as a result of not wearing a helmet.

Click TAKE ACTION now to tell your Premier and provincial Minister of Transportation that you support measures to enhance helmet safety for all Canadians.

Learn more about this campaign and the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association.

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