Canada’s nurses call for action on the climate crisis

June 6, 2019

The science is conclusive: Canada is feeling the effects of a climate crisis.

Whether it’s record-breaking heatwaves and droughts, devastating wildfires and thick smoke clouds, major floods, rising sea levels or extreme storms, the climate crisis is here.

As our climate becomes more extreme, so too is the impact on the health of Canadians. Climate change will have many serious impacts on the health of people in Canada and add stress to our health care system. Canada’s nurses call on our governments to:

  • Take meaningful action to reduce climate change-causing emissions and make Canada a global green leader;
  • Guarantee just transition programs for affected workers;
  • Fund and help prepare health care workplaces for new pressures that will come from more extreme weather events in the future;
  • Speak about climate crisis as a public health issue.

Click TAKE ACTION now to tell MPs that we need action on the climate crisis.

Click TAKE ACTION now to tell MPs that the climate crisis will seriously impact the health of Canadians.

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