Make 2019 the year of Pharmacare!

June 13, 2019

As the government’s advisory council concludes, nothing short of a public universal pharmacare program for Canadians will do. Let’s bring this victory home!

The landmark federal report on national pharmacare is out — the government’s advisory council recommends a public universal pharmacare program! Kudos to the council for their incredible work.

As CFNU President Linda Silas said, “Once and for all, this report closes the debate about the best model of pharmacare for Canada. The answer is definitive: Canada needs a public universal pharmacare program with a comprehensive formulary, and nothing less.”

Anything less would sustain the burdensome costs and completely avoidable loss of life we have witnessed for decades across the country, resulting directly from the absence of public universal pharmacare.

The advisory council has been inundated with research provided by a wide range of credible sources – including Canada’s nurses – making the compelling case that universal and comprehensive coverage is the only option to meet the interests of Canadians.

But in order to seal the deal, we need your help to bring this victory home.

Click “TAKE ACTION” now to tell your MP and the Minister of Health that – as recommended by the government’s own advisory council –Canadians deserve nothing less than public universal pharmacare!

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